Student Opportunities

CPL has grown into a second home on campus for hundreds of HKS students passionate about cultivating their leadership abilities. Almost 100 of these students are recipients of CPL fellowships, while over 400 others have enrolled in at least one of our in-depth, faculty-guided leadership development programs.


The Dubin Program for Emerging Leaders offers Summer Funding Grants to HKS students of up to $5,000 to support unpaid summer internships or research projects enhancing the student’s leadership skills or ability to serve others. Applications are submitted through the HKS summer funding Common Application managed by the HKS Office of Career Advancement.


The Dubin Leadership Service Seminar Trips promotes both experiential leadership development and public service engagement for students through two structured and supervised learning opportunities focusing on specific, relevant policy issues during May. Students can apply to lead a trip to a domestic location to explore a policy area of their choosing. Trip leaders will have primary responsibility for key program components including stakeholder engagement, budget planning and management, agenda setting, production of trip materials, and conducting pre-trip seminars to prepare participants on the context of the policy area explored and the trip destination.

For more information, contact: Myrish Antonio, Assistant Director for Leadership Development, at


CPL has limited funding to support student-run conferences and events during the academic year. Learn more and apply for conference funding here. Learn more and apply for event funding here.


This year, CPL has organized a year-long leadership development workshop series which will cover a variety of topics from some of the most sought after and in-demand Harvard faculty. Participants include: Patricia Bellinger on leadership and diversity, Brian Mandell on negotiation, and David Gergen on leadership communication, among others. Each workshop includes 3 sessions with registration preference given to HKS students not enrolled in the professor’s class. Registration will open at least one week in advance of each workshop. 

For more information, contact: Myrish Antonio, Assistant Director for Leadership Development, at


The Center for Public Leadership offers leadership development programming to its fellows, HKS students and graduate students across Harvard that teaches skills and competencies to practice leadership of self, teams, and organizations. The Latin@ Initiative is grounded in this framework and tailors several of its offerings to empower and build a community of Harvard graduate students interested in Latin@ issues through the following activities: U.S. Latin@ Leadership Development Groups, Latin@ Speaker Series, and support for Student-Led programs and events. Find more information about the U.S. Latin@ Leadership Initiative here.

For more information, please contact Erika Carlsen, Senior Program Manager, at  


Students have the opportunity to hear from leading practitioners at the top of their fields visiting HKS for short-term appointments. CPL organizes intimate workshops and other sessions throughout the year providing, offering mentorship and career coaching by our visiting Leaders-in-Residence.

For more information, contact Lisa Eschenbach, Program Manager, Hauser Leaders Program, at