Policy Analysis Exercise (PAE)

Students undertaking applied research projects can access fantastic support for their work through BIG.


BIG can help source potential projects and clients for students. Students who did behavioral science-themed PAEs in 2015-2016 worked with clients such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, and Rio, Brazil’s City Hall. You can see a sample PAE, completed by Phil Ames (MPP 2016) and James Wilson (MPP/MBA 2016) for Andrew Leigh, Leigh, Federal Member for Fraser in the Parliament of Australia, here.

Supervision & Advice

  • The BIG faculty are potential advisors for PAE projects; as long as students have a main advisor within HKS, BIG can facilitate additional support from relevant faculty outside of HKS.
  • With a global network of experts, BIG is able to help student secure interviews with and support from experts most relevant to their projects.
  • We can also help with finding peer student research partners.

2017-2018 Clients

BIG works with our network to secure potential PAE clients each year. A list of available clients is below, and will be updated as we confim clients. Students interested in working with one of these organizations should reach out to Shibeal_OFlaherty@hks.harvard.edu.

To learn more about doing a PAE with the help of BIG, contact us.