Beth E. Dozoretz

Beth E. Dozoretz

Leadership Council Vice-Chair
Beth E. Dozoretz

  • Beth Dozoretz has an extensive background in business management with specialized experience in strategic planning, new business development and marketing, as well as many years of active involvement in civic and community affairs.
  • Working with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she served as Director of Art in Embassies at the State Department where she oversaw the placement of art in all of the U.S. embassies around the world.
  • In 2009, Beth was named an Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University. She participated in the Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellowship Program with a special focus on international relations, politics, and technology and innovation for the classroom of the future.

Earlier in her career, Beth held various senior management positions within the apparel industry and was the first female executive of Casual Corner. She became President of S&T Industries and in that role oversaw the design, development, and distribution of goods to major specialty and department stores. Beth went on to serve as Senior Vice President of First Hospital Corporation Health Systems, a privately owned company specializing in the management and delivery of behavioral health care services, and continues today as Vice Chair of its Board of Directors.

Beth has been actively involved in Democratic politics for several years. In 1994, she chaired the Democratic National Committee Trustees Major Donor Program and during the '96 Clinton-Gore Campaign was Vice-Chair for the Campaign and Vice-Chair of the Presidential Inaugural Committee. In 1999, Beth served as Finance Chair of the Democratic National Committee. In the 2004 Presidential Race, she served as Finance Co-chair for the John Kerry Campaign and in 2008 for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

In recent years, Beth has served on the George Washington University National Council for Political Management and the Brookings Institute's Saban Center for Middle East Policy. She has been a member of Queen Rania's Jordan River Foundation and has served as a board member of Washington DC Teach for America.