Next Generation Negotiation Exercises

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From left to right: Kennedy Senate Simulation, November 2016; Kennedy Senate Simulation, February 2016; The Transition Exercise, January 2016

The Transition Exercise

Created by Arvid Bell, MPP ‘12 with KSNP Director Brian Mandell, The Transition is a complex multi-day 72-party exercise that trains negotiators in mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution, and leadership as they wrestle for an inclusive peace agreement for Afghanistan and Central Asia.

If you are interested in having a team run the Transition in your negotiation or conflict resolution program, or if you’d like to learn more, please contact us at

Please click here to see a trailer of the Transition’s full length documentary, to be released in Fall 2017.

The Kennedy Senate Simulation (KSS)

Created by Michael Thng and a team of HKS students in 2015, the Kennedy Senate Simulation is a two-day 100 person simulation that puts negotiators in the high intensity environment of the US Senate. Negotiators practice comprehensive deal making, reaching across the aisle, persuasion, and leadership while in role as current US Senators as they debate two pieces of legislation in committee, party caucus, and on the Chamber floor. 

This highly popular and anticipated event runs annually and is open to all Harvard graduate students. If you’re interested in participating in KSS, sign up for the KSNP newsletter to be the first to hear about signups for this year’s KSS. 

Phase Six

Created by Brandon Kappy MPP/MD ‘17 under the direction of KSNP Director Brian Mandell, Phase Six puts negotiators in an eight-person Unified Command tasked with tackling a highly contagious, fast-spreading disease – Nosi Virus. Negotiators will have to face constantly updating information, time urgency, and managing changing priorities under the threat of Nosi.

Phase Six will run annually at HKS. If you are interested in hearing more about when Phase Six will be run at the Kennedy School, sign up for the KSNP newsletter. If you are interested in having our team run Phase Six at your program, please email us at

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