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Cornell Brooks for MLK

To Hope as Martin Luther King Jr. Hoped

January 18, 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. would have turned 90 this year. While his name and his contribution to the U.S. Civil Rights Movement are revered, some wonder if King’s legacy is in jeopardy amid a resurgence of racism, xenophobia, and hate crimes in the United States.

Moreover, while the African-American church was the foundation for King’s activism and organizing, many progressives and anti-racists see faith as an obstacle to racial justice,...

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Livingston, Robert

The Teddy Bear Effect

January 16, 2019

Most Fortune 500 CEOs—roughly 95 percent of them, in fact—are white men. Line up headshots of these leaders and plenty of pronounced chins, square jaws, salt-and-pepper hair, and other physical features suggesting maturity, masculinity, and gravitas are also readily apparent.... Read more about The Teddy Bear Effect