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CovED is a community of undergraduates from some of the top colleges/universities across the U.S. who are interested in supporting K-12 students in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to create a virtual platform for pairing mentors from higher ed institutions with K-12 students affected by school closures. We hope that this platform and our resources page will help provide additional academic assistance for students and families who are facing hardships caused by the ongoing pandemic.

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Mentor, iCouldBe

To ensure physical distancing does not mean social disconnection, two leading experts on mentoring are launching the Virtual Mentoring Portal. The Virtual Mentoring Portal is a safe and monitored mentoring platform for mentors and mentees to continue their relationships while they may be separated due to COVID-19.

iCouldBe, one of the leading experts on virtual mentoring in the U.S. since 2000, and MENTOR, the nation’s field and movement leader for youth mentoring for the last 30 years have joined forces to develop this free tool. The Virtual Mentoring Portal provides unstructured (internal, monitored email) or structured (research-back curriculum) communications and will provide mentoring programs with virtual mentoring access for existing mentees ages 13 or older, and their mentors. The platform has been constructed with respect to best practices, safety, and data privacy.

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Virtually support children with disabilities

Mass Families Organizing for Change

Educators, please complete this form and you will be matched with a family who is looking for a phone call, a google hang out, zoom call, or a video chat to better support their children with disabilities. This might be a 1-time check-in call, a weekly check-in, or who knows!

Families are wondering: how do I set routines at home to support my children, especially their children with disabilities? Families are wondering: how does my child who receives a rules-based reading program not lose all that they have gained? Families are wondering: how does my child receive PT/OT/Speech during a time of social distancing?

Educators want to be helpful. We want to help connect teachers to be virtual free consultants to help coach families about what we've learned about being teachers and support staff for children with disabilities. We want to hear family stories. Together we will be creative, flexible, and show up for each other.

*You don't need to be an expert. We are all figuring this out together! Everyone has ideas/tips/suggestions!

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