KSNP PAE and Research Opportunities

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Hear from alumni...

"Working with KSNP on my PAE gave me an unparalleled opportunity to observe conflict resolution work in the field, collaborate with practitioners from a wide-range of negotiations disciplines, and produce a tangible and useful piece of work for my clients and my own portfolio. I had the opportunity to consult with CMPartners, a negotiations consultancy based in Cambridge, as well as the Shades Negotiation Program in Israel-Palestine. My project, recommending policy solutions to build networks of leaders and negotiations experts in the Middle East, afforded me a free research trip to Israel, Palestine, and Cyprus. I had the chance to witness (and assist) negotiation training of mid-career diplomats, as well as interview regional stakeholders. Throughout the process, I got close to and interviewed some of the top negotiations academics and professionals in the world. And the practical relevance of my PAE was so well-received by my clients, I have been offered a chance to write an HBS case study on the Shades Negotiation Program. If it had not been for Professor Mandell and KSNP, I would not have identified a project that built the network and the portfolio of negotiations work that set me up for success after graduation."

- Shannon Thomas, MPP '17

"Working with KSNP on my PAE provided me with the opportunity for real world applicability of the theoretical negotiation and conflict resolution training I had received at the Kennedy School. My partner and I worked with the Consensus Building Institute, a Cambridge-based negotiation and conflict resolution firm, to complete both an impact evaluation and marketing analysis of two spheres of their negotiation consulting work. Our project included creating logic models, crafting surveys, analyzing quantitative datasets, and coding qualitative data. Partnering with the Consensus Building Institute allowed me to observe the application of frameworks outside of an academic setting, as well as exposure to practitioners utilizing the same frameworks in different content areas. This project allowed for a cross-disciplinary approach that demonstrated the application of negotiation and conflict resolution skills to many different disciplines. Skills I had learned during my core courses as an MPP1 found their way into the final product of my PAE, conversations with various stakeholders while conducting interviews, and discussions with future employers about how negotiation training relates to different aspects of their work. This opportunity afforded me the chance to sharpen my understanding of the frameworks I had learned from Professor Mandell and to see myself continuing to apply them throughout my career."

- Arianna Grand, MPP '17