The Road to Glasgow: Climate Negotiations for a World on the Brink of Disaster with Dan Reifsnyder


Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 5:00pm to 6:00pm


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The United States’ Climate Negotiation Strategy for Glasgow COP26
Virtual Event
Please join the Center for Public Leadership for a discussion on climate negotiations with Dan Reifsnyder, co-chair to the Paris Climate Negotiations and former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment. The program will be moderated by CPL Louis and Gabrielle Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellow Lia Cattaneo MPP/JD 2022 and hosted by Rand Wentworth, the Louis and Gabrielle Bacon Senior Fellow in Environmental Leadership and Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy.
To avoid an irreversible climate catastrophe, representatives from over 200 countries and NGOs will gather in Glasgow this November to negotiate a global plan of action. With wildfires in Siberia, floods in Germany, and heat waves around the world, climate change is no longer some distant threat – it is causing devastating harm to people, communities and the natural world. The urgency is clear, but countries have very different views on how to move forward. In this speaker series, global climate leaders will discuss the negotiation strategies of developing nations, India, China, the U.S. and the EU. 
This workshop series is co-hosted by the Bacon Environmental Program at the Center for Public Leadership, Climate@HKS, the Belfer Center’s Environment and Nature Resources Program and CEE PIC.
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This event will be recorded and may be posted to YouTube and/or CPL's social media channels. Persons with disabilities who wish to request accommodation or who have questions about access, please in advance of the session.