CPL’s co-curricular leadership development programming at Harvard supports students, many of whom arrive on campus with previous leadership experience, to practice and apply leadership within the Harvard Kennedy School context. Our impact is measured by the excellence exhibited by our graduates as they lead in challenging, complex, and ever-changing globalized contexts.

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Faculty-led Leadership Development Workshops

LD faculty workshops offer students the chance to engage with professors whose research, contributions, and leadership have shaped discourse in the public service arena. These workshops are open only to non-CPL fellows and student participants are chosen from a competitive application pool. Among the distinguished faculty who have taught our workshops are Max Bazerman (Behavioral Insights); Patricia Bellinger (Leading in a Diverse World); Dana Born (Authentic Leadership); Steve Jarding (Running for Public Office); and Brian Mandell (Art of Negotiation). Each workshop consists of two consecutive sessions, with preference given to HKS students who are not enrolled in the professor’s class.

Spring 2019 Workshop Schedule

February 11 & 12: Authentic Leadership: Who & Why Are You?

Dana Born Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

April 1 & 2: Effective Public Communication

Steve Jarding, Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

April 15 & 16: Civil Disagreement

Brian Mandell, Senior Lecturer in Negotiation and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School and Chris Robichaud, Senior Lecturer

Dubin Leadership Field Experience

The Dubin Leadership Field Experience (DLFE) allow student leaders, under the guidance of a faculty adviser and the LD team, to plan a domestic student service trip to one of the 48 contiguous states. Typically held in the spring semester, the DLFE affords students the ability to immerse themselves in regional policy issues they are passionate about, expand their networks, and engage in experiential leadership development in service of the host city or region. Three pre-trip study group sessions are organized by the team to prepare them for their leadership field experience trips.

The DLFE in 2019 will be going to Chicago and Alabama & Mississippi. In Chicago, the group will explore economic opportunity zones. The second group will explore LGBTQ rights and experiences in Alabama and Mississippi.

The Dubin Leadership Field Experiences are generously supported by Glenn Dubin and the HKS Degree Programs/Student Affairs Office

Leadership Development Cohort

The LD cohort is a group of 15-20 students from across HKS degree programs, all of whom are non-CPL fellows. The cohort is designed to provide its members with the following leadership growth opportunities: 1) peer-learning, reflection, and experiential leadership through cohort-led meetings with the LD team 2) deeper learning of critical leadership competencies through participation in faculty-led workshops 3) a sense of community with the wider CPL network, and 4) individualized coaching sessions with CPL Senior Fellows, Hauser Leaders-in-Residence, and staff.

Application information will be sent to the HKS student body at the start of each semester.


Adam ShermanAdam Sherman MPP 2021 is concentrating his studies at HKS on Business and Government, specifically around clean energy. He previously worked as director of product management and strategy at National Journal, where he led a team of consultants supporting clients in the energy, environmental, and tech sectors. Adam hopes to hone his leadership skills to mobilize cross-sector collaboration around clean energy development.

Ana Larrea-AlbertAna Larrea-Albert MC/MPA 2020 was the first Latina executive at a European multinational where she led teams and initiatives globally as the Vice President of Marketing & Customer Experience. Born in Ecuador and living in the US for over 20 years, she is also the Founder and President of a Latina leadership platform, executive leadership coach, mentor, public speaker, and author of bilingual children’s books. She joins HKS as a MCMPA 2020 and the LD Cohort as she pivots her career to focus on a life of service.

Catrihel GrepplCatrihel Greppi MPA/ID 2020 is an economist from Argentina and MPA/ID 2020. She has advised both national and international governments, and co-founded an organization to connect young people with public leaders. Her most recent work experience involved setting up a Trade and Productivity Commission in Sri Lanka to support trade liberalization. She looks forward to learning, growing, and making friends.

Danni MeltonDanni Melton MPP 2020 is focusing her time at the Kennedy School on Democracy and Political Institutions. She has previously worked with the Association for Women in Science, managed a city council campaign. She was a fellow for the Montgomery County Council this past summer. Through CPL, she hopes she can continue to grow as a leader.

Esther KimEsther Kim MC/MPA 2020 served at BlackRock over the last ten years working with international Institutional investors to decrease their funding gap. Most recently in her role as the Chief of Staff to the Global Head of Equity, she established the executive governance process, which oversaw across asset classes for the largest investment manager at over $6 trillion asset under management. Esther is passionate about increasing financial literacy for the immigrant constituent groups, and she hopes the LD cohort will enhance her leadership capabilities across both the public and private sectors.

Hannah Furstenberg-BeckmanHannah Furstenberg-Beckman MC/MPA 2020 began her career advocating for court-involved youth and went on to develop the Public Safety & Criminal Justice practice at ideas42, using behavioral science research to design, implement and evaluate innovative programs. Hannah is a MC/MPA and joins the LD cohort to learn new strategies to mobilize disparate stakeholders and to build a community of dedicated changemakers.

James BlumJames Blum MPP 2021 is pursuing a concurrent MPP-MD at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He will graduate in 2021 and concentrate in Social and Urban Policy at HKS. He previously worked for former Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (D-NY) for two years. He hopes to become a better advocate for his patients.

Jasjeet AjimalJasjeet  Ajimal  MC/MPA 2020 Originally from Windsor, Canada, Jasjeet Ajimal has spent the last nine years working for the Government of Alberta. Jasjeet currently serves through the Alberta Human Rights Commission and is pursuing his MC/MPA with a focus on leadership and communication. Jasjeet hopes to receive feedback, learn from peers, and diversify his leadership skillset through coaching and interactive learning with the cohort.

Leonard MungarulireLeonard Mungarulire MC/MPA 2020 is a Mason fellow from Rwanda. Prior to HKS, Leonard was leading a digital trade program in Rwanda. He has been working at the intersection of trade and technology policy, actively promoting an environment for economic growth in the East African Community. Leonard is passionate about Africa and seeks to use the experiential CPL platform to push his boundaries.

Lucy MontgomeryLucy Montgomery MPA 2021 A proud native of Des Moines, Iowa, Lucy is pursuing a concurrent MPA/MBA with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to graduate school, Lucy worked as a federal consultant for Accenture and as a government employee at the Central Intelligence Agency. Lucy hopes to grow her leadership skills to prepare for a life of public service.

Martin EnrightMartin Enright MC/MPA 2020 has spent 25 years in private and not-for-profit sectors. From professional services, media and entertainment, tech and comms to community organizing and indigenous development to teaching entrepreneurship. Martin has also held governance roles in 20-plus corporates and NGOs. Most Recently, he has worked as a COO, community organizer, co-founder and advisor to a number of startups as well as board member of a leading charity treating preventable blindness in Pacific. While at HKS, He hopes to learn, listen and practice approaches to leading in diverse situations.

Mauricio LizcanoMauricio Lizcano MC/MPA 2020 has devoted his life to public service, his most recent achievement was to lead as the president of the congress during the peace agreement in Colombia, country in which he served as senator for twelve years. he is focus on development specially in inequality issues, negotiation and leadership at HKS.

Mayumi CornejoMayumi Cornejo MPP 2021 is focusing her studies on Political and Economic Development while at HKS. She is interested in the socio-economic development of Latin America and previously worked in Peru addressing human trafficking in the southeastern region of the country. Through the LD cohort, she wants to solidify her leadership and communication skills to lead more effectively in every scenario.

Natalia ChavezNatalia Chavez MC/MPA 2020 is concentrating her time at HKS on equitable development, community empowerment, and addressing the socio-spatial determinants of health. She is the co-founder and the Community Relations Director at Urbanability, a nonprofit consultancy that focuses on solving urban planning issues in underserved neighborhoods. She hopes to use the leadership skills she develops to empower the communities she serves.

Natalya ThakurNatalya Thakur MPA 2021, is a joint MPA/MBA at HKS and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is interested in the intersection of financial inclusion, women’s empowerment and technology. Prior to graduate school, Natalya worked at BlackRock on fintech initiatives, as a design thinking consultant, an improv leadership coach, and co-founded Girl Possible, a non-profit dedicated to helping middle school girls become leaders of social change in their communities.

Roshni MehtaRoshni  Mehta  MPP 2020, is building her own purpose-driven venture with a mission to create sustainable livelihood at a grassroots level in rural India. Roshni previously worked for the Government of India, where she worked on central government programs in railways, civil aviation, healthcare & rural village transformation. As a member of the LD cohort, Roshni hopes to groom herself into an adaptive leader.

Sakshi KumarSakshi  Kumar  MPP 2021, is a joint degree student with MIT Sloan concentrating in Business and Government. Sakshi previously worked at Bain & Co. in Johannesburg, and at the Indian Ministry of Commerce in New Delhi. With the CPL’s training, she hopes to become a leader capable of creating innovative, productive and healthy public-private partnerships in developing countries.

Sofia SalasSofia Salas MPP 2020 has worked in the non-profit sector in Colombia, focused on reconciliation, capacity-building and education She also served as a policy advisor in a presidential campaign. At HKS, she is specializing in peace and reconciliation, digital government, and women and power. Sofia hopes the LD Cohort will strengthen her moral imagination and capacities to purposefully and effectively exercise leadership in Colombia's peacebuilding process.

Suna Hanoz-PenneySuna Hanoz-Penney MC/MPA 2020 is focusing on leadership, communication, and policy at HKS. Previously, she lead education program scale-up for children and families living in fragile contexts in Turkey, Laos, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. She aims to lead a new education and peacebuilding initiative in MENA through new skills and capacities gained from peers and faculty at CPL.

Tomohito OkudaTomohito Okuda MPA/ID 2021, is pursuing the MPA-ID/MBA concurrent degree at HKS and MIT. An urban engineer and infrastructure finance professional, he led the development of water and power projects for five years at Mitsubishi Corporation. His passion to bridge technology, business and public policy in international development urged him toward the LD cohort to hone his leadership and communication skills.

Leadership Development Practitioner Workshops

LD practitioner workshops provide students with the unique opportunity to engage with high-profile practitioners leading across sectors in both domestic and international settings. Workshops offer an interactive environment in which students develop practical skills to help them navigate the communities they will serve post-HKS.

Past practitioner participants include Deborah Borda, former Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and recently-appointed Chief Executive Officer of the New York Philharmonic; Rand Wentworth, President Emeritus of the Land Trust Alliance; and Sophia MacLaren, Director of the Mindfulness in Business Program from the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. Topics covered included philanthropy and fundraising, board management, mindfulness in leadership, and non-profit leadership.