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Kennedy School Negotiation Project

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Simulations developed by KSNP affiliated faculty and staff:

Affiliated Faculty: Brian Mandell, Kessely Hong, Julia Minson
Affiliated KSNP staff and RAs: Monica Giannone, Emily Schlichting, Elizabeth Patton, John Fogarty

Past articles featured in the KSNP Newsletter:

The Zika Negotiation: Why Did Congress Fail to Act?
By Brandon Kappy, MPP/MD ‘17

The HUDS Negotiation: Lessons from the Dining Strike
By Jesse Cohen, MPP ’17

The Vast Divide: Seeking Bipartisanship Through the Kennedy Senate Simulation
By Arianna Grand, MPP ’17

Student Voices:

Below the Line Players: Playing a Weak Hand in the 2016 Election?
By Shannon Thomas, MPP ’17

Exorcism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
By Gal Lin, MPP ’17

Regulating GM in India through Compromises and Concessions
By Malini Bose, MPP ’18

There's No Such Thing as a Salary "Discussion"
By MPA/MBA ’17

The Multiplex Negotiations Behind the Colombian Peace Agreement
By Rosi Greenberg, MPP ’18