BIG Additional Resources

The Behavioral Insights Group offers resources for current students and alumni in the field, including external databases and information on classes at a variety of institutions.

For information on behavioral scientists worldwide, please take a look at the Directory of Academic Experts in Behavioral Science 2015 published by ideas42.

BIG has collected 2015-16 Class Syllabi from behavioral science classes at Harvard and elsewhere:

bazerman_fall_2015.pdf166 KB
benjamin_fall_2013.pdf27 KB
crawford_fall_2014.pdf337 KB
croson_spring_2010.pdf191 KB
dean_spring_2015.pdf156 KB
dellavigna_spring_2015.pdf143 KB
frederick_ederer_spring_2015.pdf434 KB
haushofer_spring_2015.pdf163 KB
ho_spring_2015.pdf166 KB
hsiaw_fall_2012.pdf227 KB
kawachi_spring_2015.pdf671 KB
madrian_spring_2015.pdf529 KB
rogers_fall_2013.pdf752 KB
shiller_fall_2015.pdf815 KB