Alumni App Download Instructions and FAQs

Why do I need this tool?


  • The directory will enable you to maintain and expand your connections within the CPL alumni community.
  • Network with alumni and current fellows in your field. The app allows you to search for alumni around the world by fellowship, field, location, etc.
  • Interested in mentoring a current fellow at CPL? Flag yourself as a mentor in the directory.

How do I download the app or access the directory?


  • iOS
    • Step 1: Go to App store
    • Step 2: Download “Graduway Community” app
    • Step 3: Search “Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School”
    • Step 4: Sign in/Register
  • Android
    • Step 1:  Go to Google Play
    • Step 2: Download “CPL Alumni” Graduway app
    • Step 3: Sign in/Register
  • To login via the web, visit  and sign up.

How do I log-in?


  • After downloading the app or accessing via the web, you can register with LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook, or you can create an email username and password.
  • If you select LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook, you will be briefly redirected to that site, where you will enter your username and password.
  • We encourage you to connect your LinkedIn profile to your account so the app captures any professional updates you make on your LinkedIn profile. You can do so by altering your profile settings.
  • If your email matches the address that you have shared with CPL, you will be automatically directed to the home page of the directory.
  • If you have provided a different email, you will receive a message that you will gain access once your email has been approved by CPL. Please allow two business days for approval.

The app is not recognizing me as an alum. What do I do?


  • The app matches your email address with the primary email address that you have shared with CPL. If they do not match you will get a message that says that we need to approve your account. Please allow two business days for our staff to verify your information.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email after two business days, please email to verify your email address.

How do I update my profile or privacy settings?

  • You can edit your profile at any time by clicking “edit profile.” Profile edits will be immediately reflected on your profile. Privacy settings can changed under your profile settings.

Who can use the app? Is it secure?

  • Only current and former CPL fellows may use the app and access the community. All data transmitted to the app is encrypted.

I didn’t receive my verification email, what should I do?

  • If you do not receive a confirmation email (after checking Spam, Trash, or Promotion folders) please contact us at  to verify which email address should be on file.